We consult and conspire with homes, farms, and organizations

If you’re looking to buy plants, visit the Nursery! If you’re interested in imagining how to care for your land, then you’re in the right place! Maybe you’ve been planting and tending for years and want some new ideas and support, or maybe you’re just getting started and the vacant (or overgrown) yard and field feel overwhelming. We’re excited to encourage you to cultivate and celebrate your land!

When we say “your land,” we don’t just mean land ownership. You might have legal title, or you might rent; perhaps you have access to a woodland or park or neighbor’s lot. We mean land care: taking responsibility to nurture the health of soil, water, and culture. We want to work with people who want to work with the land.

We charge $100-200 for an initial site visit to walk around and talk about your dreams and plans. After that, we can write a report to clarify next steps and we can assist with designing and planting. To start the process, answer our short Consultation Questions and we’ll contact you to figure out cost and schedules. We’re open to trade too!

Crafts and Services

  • Land Planning and Ecological Design

  • Agroecology and Agroforestry

  • Pruning and Grafting

  • Plant ID and Propagation

  • Riparian Buffer Planning and Planting

  • Soil Health, Gardens, and Crop Rotation

  • Water Harvesting, Earthworks, and Rain Gardens

  • Biochar and Prescribed Burns

  • Compost and Humanure

  • Silvopasture and Rotational Grazing

  • Food Sovereignty, Restorative Justice, and Conflict Transformation