In our nursery, we grow beautiful and useful trees (and other plants) that give us food, fuel, fodder, medicine, mulch, air conditioning, carbon converting, soil building, water restoring, and beauty! We sell bareroot plants propagated from seed, cutting, division, and layering in healthy soil made from compost, woodchips, and biochar. Our nursery grows along the banks of Blacks Run. We don’t own the land we tend, instead caretaking the forest gardens for our neighbor Vine and Fig, cultivating beds in backyards, and planting riparian buffers to nurture the stream and serve as orchards, woodlots, and seedstock. We speak and farm in ways that honor our plants as fellow creatures with histories and gifts, respecting their lives and the human cultures that cared for them. Our nursery also grows us, teaching us to be the kind of people we want to be.